C&K Banks Street Kindy in Newmarket, is a small not-for-profit community kindergarten located on the grounds of Newmarket State School, Brisbane. The team of experienced and passionate educators will inspire and guide your child through a learning journey of self discovery, social cohesion and life readiness.

Banks Street Kindy supports each child’s ideas, experiences and understandings in a learning environment that values play. The Centre supports each child and their family, working together to encourage the child’s disposition to learn and create.

We are extremely proud of the close cooperation between parents and educators. We rely on substantial contributions from our parents whether by involvement in the management of the Kindergarten, participation in regular events or support for various fundraising activities during that year that contribute to improved service quality for the children.

What makes Banks St Kindy different from other kindergartens?

From the moment you first walk into Banks Street Kindy you know you are in a special place. But what  exactly is it that sets Banks Street Kindy apart?  

Experienced and Highly Qualified Staff: Banks Street Kindy has one of the most qualified teams you will find in a kindergarten. Both Sharon Kemp and Kim Crisp completed a Bachelor of Education  (Early Childhood) with Honours. Sharon has added to that achievement with a Masters in Education. As  well as being Banks Street Kindy’s lead educators, they are both working in universities in roles focused  on improving and developing early childhood education. Sharon and Kim are supported by an equally  talented team.

There is a huge depth of experience in our staff that shines through in their day to day  interactions with the children. The focus on building relationships with the children and developing their  confidence, capabilities and skills will see your child ready to enter into Prep.  

Dedicated Art Program: On paper, the art program sounds good. But you might be wondering what  the fuss is all about. By the end of the year, you’ll be quite amazed at the results Kath the Art Lady and  her budding group of artists have achieved. Yes, they create some pretty impressive artworks. What’s  surprising is the discussions they have throughout the year that form the basis of these individual and  collaborative masterpieces. For example, last year’s children discussed in detail how air enters into our lungs – the trees  inside our bodies. 

Strong connection to country: We build indigenous perspectives, wellbeing and education for  sustainability into every aspect of the Banks Street Kindergarten program. This gives children a strong connection to  country and our environment through nature experiences, natural resources, established native and food gardens, daily  acknowledgement of country, and embedded Aboriginal ways of learning.  

A highlight of the year is Bush Kindy – when we explore the local Banks Street Reserve and learn all about the plants, animals and other features that make it a special part of our community.

Strong connection to the local school: Regardless of which school you will be sending your child to,  the interaction with Newmarket State School will help prepare them for the transition. We are so lucky to  be able to take ‘excursions’ into the school grounds. This may be a visit to a classroom or the library,  joining in on assembly or exploring the garden. You can also order tuckshop and join in some school  events like kilometre club. The kids even love the emergency fire drills and being able to sit with all the  older kids on the oval. This connection builds the children’s understanding of what big school is like and  helps build their confidence and excitement of attending.